Information From A Librarian

Bienvenue sur mon Blog

Welcome to my Blog

Welcome to my world free of fake news! My name is Christel B and I am a librarian and a stay at home Mom.

As a Librarian and leader in my field I will help you navigate through all the information that are available online. My happiness, will be when my website will be used as a reference to fight Fake news that darkened our world.

Are you looking for the correct information? what information are correct ? which one are false? My website is a compilation of news from different news outlet, in English, French and Arabic, as well of recommendation on how to spot fake news.

In addition, my website talk about books that I read and I recommend, books that have been best-sellers and books that are best-sellers and others gems that we might be missing. As well, it has links to free cultural events (e.g. visiting a museum online, etc.).

Finally, my website will contain a section related to kids, music, crafts and activities.

Enjoy 🙂

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