Fighting Fake News:

Hello everyone,

To be able to fight fake news here are three simple questions you will need to ask yourself:

  • Whos behind the information?
    • who is the author of the piece of information that you are holding in your hands, tablet, etc.?
    • who is funding for the website, the newspaper, etc.?
    • what is the mission or objectives of the author(s)?
    • what might be the motivation behind the information?
  • What‘s the evidence?
    • is there enough proof?
    • is that source trustworthy?
    • do we have enough facts to support the evidence?
    • what piece of information is missing?
  • what do other sources claim?
    • do we have same or different information? what tendency emerge?
    • do we have an agreement or disagreement between the sources of information? if so why?
    • what is the viewpoint of the other sources

For further information, check out the International Federation of Library Associations and institutions (IFLA) infography on “How to spot Fake News

Wishing you a wonderful evening,

Information From a Librarian 🙂

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I am Christel B a Librarian and a stay at home mom. I created the website for reference purposes. Therefore, you will be able to find on my blog, all the free reference trustworthy materials available online. Enjoy as much as I do 😃

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