Reference Sources Online (1)

Directories, Almanacs, Yearbooks, Handbooks
Available Online

Directories will provide you with contact information (address, website, tuition, etc.) related to institutions and organizations. Almanacs, Yearbooks and Handbooks will give you quick answers and summaries to factual questions:


For Higher Education :

U.S News Best Colleges:it provides advice, ranks and data about US and Global Universities so students could narrow their college search.

General Education Online: It is a directory of higher education institutions in the United States and Worldwide.

Peterson’s Graduate & Professional Programs: it provides contact and informational profiles for more than 44,000 graduate programs at more than 2,300 institutions in the United States and Canada.

For Business: Information about companies products and or services in the United States and Canada.

Business Directory – Dun & Bradstreet: The Online directory provides limited access to its resources. However, we can still get information about well known companies in any sector in the United States and around the world.


Almanacs (aka almanacks or almanachs) will provide general information, statistics, facts and up-to-date answers to all types of questions

Information please Almanac: It has a collection of specific events(e.g.the winner of last Davis Cup), facts, measures, biographies as well as information of current events (e.g. COVID19 resources) that have been happening in the United States.

The Old Farmer’s Almanac: It embraces information like weather forecasts, farmers’ planting dates( When to plant what) , gardening and astronomy often arranged according to the calendar. It has a section for kids where we can find resources about the weather, astronomy and animals.

Texas Almanac: It has information about the state of Texas. It is an almanac for kids, it gives information about the World, the United States, People, Sciences, Math and Money, Word Wise and Sport, it has also a Homework center and a Games and Quizzes section.


Yearbooks give in-depth information on a specific topic or area:

Africa South of the Sahara Yearbook: It has socio-economics data about every country in Africa.


Handbooks are handy guide to a particular subject:

World Higher Education Database:  It provides information on some 19,400 higher education institutions (HEIs) in 196 countries and territories

Occupational Outlook Handbook:It is an occupational profile guide. The handbook has among others things information on working conditions, employment statistics and salary.

United States Census Bureau: It provides socio-economics data about the United States. It has a kids section where you can find resources for All Grades

Guinness World Records: It’s a reference tool for records. The online version has a small selection of the weirdest, tallest, smallest etc. records. The kids online section has activities to do at home, pictures, videos and stories from Guinness World Records participants.

Today in History: It is a website of the Library of Congress. It features a daily event from American History.

The Internet Movie IMDb: It is a database of movies with the latest celebrity news, latest movies releases and series and movies streaming .

The Chicago Manual of Style Online: Chicago Manual of Style is a citation guide aimed at students, faculty, publishers and writers.

Mayo Clinic: It provides health information related to diseases, conditions and symptoms.

Prescriber’s Digital Reference: it is a guide for prescription drugs approved by the FDA (United States Food and drug Administration). Information includes, over-the-counter drugs, herbals and supplements all organized alphabetically.

MedlinePlus Web: It is a portal of the United States National Library of Medicine. It links users to trustworthy sources of health information.

CHEMnetBASE: It is an online chemical database used as a basic reference work for chemistry and physics.

Oxford Reference Online: Premium Collection: It has free tools related to timeline history, essential quotations and subject overview.

CliffsNotes: It is a study guide for literary work with summaries, character analyses, critical essays and study help. Also, it offers test preparation, college help, and other resources for multiple subjects including Physics, Math, Science and Foreign Language (French and Spanish).

I hope you will be able to find what you are looking for, using those free trustworthy tools available online. However, for further details please feel free to contact me through my website or my Facebook page, or to consult your nearest virtually librarian.

Stay safe 🙂

Information From A Librarian 🙂

Cassell, K. A., & Hiremath, U. (2018). Reference and information services: An introduction.

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