Project Gutenburg

Project Gutenburg is a library of 60 000 classical free eBooks that you can download, using your laptop or mobile. It is a large collection of free public domains books so they are not subject to copyright or other domains restrictions. Project Gutenberg eBooks are classical books published before 1924.

In addition, to English eBooks, you can find eBooks in French, German, Italian and Portuguese.

Project Gutenburg has a section meant to kids Category: Children’s Bookshelf. It includes among other things picture eBooks, instructional eBooks and literature eBooks.

Project Gutenburg has some Audiobooks that you can listen to, but you will need to search for them:

As an example, Christmas Carol from Charles Dickens:

Enjoy 🙋🏻 and Stay Safe 🌼

Information From a Librarian ❤ 😘 🌸

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I am Christel B a Librarian and a stay at home mom. I created the website for reference purposes. Therefore, you will be able to find on my blog, all the free reference trustworthy materials available online. Enjoy as much as I do 😃

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