How Can I help You?

Hello, Bonjour, Marhaba

Welcome to my world free of fake news and misinformation! My name is Christel B and I am a librarian and a stay at home Mom. I am a Lebanese French American Librarian who has done her studies in Libraries and Information Sciences at Drexel University and who lives in Sweden.

Wondering why I chose an owl ( a toy from my kids ) as a picture of myself? because the owl is the symbol of knowledge “often referred to as the “owl of Athena” or the “owl of Minerva” – is used as a symbol of knowledge, wisdom, perspicacity and erudition throughout the Western world” Wikipedia. Knowledge that I will help you find through the news and information I will be posting on my blog/website.

The idea of creating a website where I will be At Your Service or as A Reference for Information has been trotting in my mind for a while. I think now and especially now in the Corona age when everyone is confining and needs information and not disinformation, ideas and activities to do is the best time to launch my idea.

Please enjoy and stay tune for any update!


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