Yale National Initiative: Curricular resources for K-12

Good Morning everyone 🙂, Yale National Initiative has made available Curricular resources for K-12. It is thousands of Free Units in STEM and in the humanities field that have been developed by participating teachers (e.g Literature, Life-Writing, and Identity, Physical Science and Physical Chemistry, Solving Problems Multiple Ways: Using Arithmetic and Literature – Hooray!). IContinue reading “Yale National Initiative: Curricular resources for K-12”

National Geographic: Back to school resources

Good Morning everyone 🙂, National Geographic Learn Anywhere/Back to school has dedicated Free online educational resources for K-12 students, in connection with: Oceans (e.g. Pristine Seas: Grades 3-12  ) Ecosystems (e.g. Mount Everest: Grades 5-12  ) Learn at Home (K-2, 3-5, 6-12) And much more (e.g. Dinosaurs (K-12), Age of the Earth (6-8)and Interpreting Data(5-12)) Enjoy andContinue reading “National Geographic: Back to school resources”

NASA: STEM resources for K-12

Good morning everyone 😊 NASA has a page dedicated to STEM (Sciences, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)resources for K-12. The resources include among others things: Online activities (e.g. Hubble Online Activities). Lesson Plans for Back to school (e.g. Lesson Plans from Microsoft Education and NASA). Activities to do at Home (For K-4, 5-8, and 9-12 grades)Continue reading “NASA: STEM resources for K-12”

National Institutes of Health Educational Resources

Good afternoon everyone 😊 The National Institutes of Heath has a page dedicated to Education in Science. The FREE materials are for students and educators and include among others things: Science Education Activity and Coloring Book An App Lessons plans for middle and high schools students  Microscopic images and activities through Microscope Imaging Station SoContinue reading “National Institutes of Health Educational Resources”

American Philosophical Society at Home

Good afternoon everyone 😊 The American Philosophical Society has dedicated FREE at Home resources and activities for the whole family. The dedicated knowledge/activities include : Coloring activities Art Activities History Activities Science Activities Interdisciplinary Activities Virtual Events Enjoy and stay safe 📖📖📖 Information From a Librarian🌸🌺🌸