Good Morning everyone, The Library of Congress has digitized classical books, that you can download for free. The publications are designated for kids (e.g. A Apple Pie), teens (e.g. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz), adults (e.g.A few tales of the rail and other tales), and educators and parents (e.g The Arabian nights : their best-knownContinue reading “”

Google Earth teaching resources

Google Earth has a page dedicated to teaching resources. Moreover, students will be able to create stories about the world, learn about latitude and longitudinal lines by following Carmen Sandiego, and take a virtual field trip to the international space station. Enjoy 🙂 Information From A Librarian at your service 🌸🌺🌺

World Book Online: An online Encyclopedia with a lot of resources

Work Book Online is an online Encyclopedia with a lot of resources (lesson plans, videos, science experiments, eBooks, activity corner, games, and much more). The reference online resources are made available for everyone due to the COVID 19 pandemic.