Google Earth teaching resources

Google Earth has a page dedicated to teaching resources. Moreover, students will be able to create stories about the world, learn about latitude and longitudinal lines by following Carmen Sandiego, and take a virtual field trip to the international space station. Enjoy 🙂 Information From A Librarian at your service 🌸🌺🌺

World Book Online: An online Encyclopedia with a lot of resources

Work Book Online is an online Encyclopedia with a lot of resources (lesson plans, videos, science experiments, eBooks, activity corner, games, and much more). The reference online resources are made available for everyone due to the COVID 19 pandemic.

Collins Dictionary Grammar Guides

Collins Dictionary has a resource page dedicated to grammar guides and to teaching grammar patterns. In addition, the online dictionary of English provides resources for easy learning, English Grammar, French Grammar, Spanish Grammar, Italian Grammar, German Grammar and English Grammar in Hindi. Enjoy 🙂 Information From a Librarian 🌸🌺🌺

Merriam-Webster’s World Central teaching resources

Merriam- Webster’s World Central has a page with teaching resources for parents and educators. The page includes educational games, daily buzzword, resources for educators and an opportunity to build your own dictionary. Enjoy 🙂 Information From a Librarian 🌸🌺🌺