The Fabric and Workshop Museum: @Home Art exercises

Hello everyone 🙂 The Fabric and Workshop Museum (FWM) has a page dedicated to @Home resources which includes among others, community projects( e.g. masks creation), tutorials and resources for students and educators(e.g. Quarantine Prints Playlist) as well as Artists interviews. I hope the resources could be of any use… Information from a Librarian 🌸🌺

The Worcester Art Museum: Resources

Good Afternoon everyone 🙂 The Worcester Art Museum has Free dedicated Curriculum Guides for teachers, families and homeschoolers. As well as Arms and Armors demonstrations, Virtual tours, and Portraits and Propaganda Tour for middle schoolers. Wishing you all a wonderful and safe day 🖍️🖍️🖍️ Information From a Librarian 🌸🌺

Tate Kids

Good Morning everyone☀️, Tate Kids (by Tate institution) is a dedicated free art website for kids. Through the page, Kids will be able to play games and quizzes, watch videos and learn about different art movements (e.g. Pop art, Impressionism), explore, create their own art at home and show the world their creations🖼️🖼️. Enjoy andContinue reading “Tate Kids”